Heat treatment

Obróbka cieplna

Heat treatment is performed in the dedicated chamber furnace with the following parameters: dimensions of heating chamber: 400 mm (width) x 320 mm (height) x 600 mm (depth) maximum heat treatment temperature: 1200°C possibility to program any heat cycle data…

Devices for measuring surface and painting

Przyrządy do kontroli powierzchni oraz powłok malarskich

Calibration Laboratory offers calibration of devices for measuring surface and painting: coating thickness meter wet film comb powder comb surface roughness tester surface profile meter pull-off adhesion tester cross hatch adhesion tester (measurement of paint coating adhesion) conductivity meter pinhole…

Geometric (length and angle)

wielkości geometryczne

Calibration Laboratory offers calibration of geometric measurement instruments (length and angle): calipers depth gauges height gauges welding gauges dial test indicators digital indicators bore gauges bore gauges with split anvils dial gauges outside micrometers transameters inside micrometers micrometers head three…