Magnetic particle testing (MT)

Badania magnetyczno-proszkowe MT

The magnetic particle testing (MT) allows to detect surface as well as subsurface (as deep as 2 mm beneath the surface) defects in ferromagnetic materials. This method is most widely used for the detection of surface defects in steel constructions.

Magnetic particle testing does not require as diligent surface preparation as dye penetrant inspection. Any coating which does not exceed 50 µm including the MT primer is acceptable for the testing

Magnetic particle testing can be performed in white light and in ultra violet light (using UV translates into greater sensitivity of the examination)

Typically, this method is used for the examination of welded joints, forgings (e.g. crank shafts, propeller and intermediate shafts, rudder stocks, connecting rods, propeller parts) and castings (e.g. rudder hangings, engine cases, bearing casing) during manufacturing as well as in maintenance.

We perform non-destructive testing in cooperation with Navitest Sp. z o.o.

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