Measurement of ferrite content

Badania zawartości ferrytu

From the constructor’s point of view, the ferrite content is an important feature of steel materials. Too low or too high ferrite content can affect the properties of materials, such as strength, corrosion resistance or weld cracking at high temperatures (duplex steels).

Surface method of ferrite content measurement with the ferritscope is based on the principle of measuring the magnetics properties of the material. Measurements are performed on appropriately purified specimens. Our company is equipped with ferritscope allowing the measurement of the ferrite content measurement in the Laboratory as well as in the field.

The second method of testing the content of ferrite in steel is the microscopic method. It consists of the appropriate preparation of the metallographic specimen for analysis of the microstructure, its observation under a metallographic microscope and the measurement of the visible content of ferrite on the analyzed surface of the test specimen.

Measurement of ferrite content is performed in compliance with:

  • ASTM E562
  • PN-EN ISO 8249

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