Badania penetracyjne PT

Penetration testing (PT), also called dye penetrant inspection(DPI) allows to detect surface defects on any kind of material and product. This method is used mostly for non-ferromagnetic materials, mainly alloy steels and aluminum alloys.

The best results can be obtained for smooth, non-porous materials, such as rolled, wrought and drawn materials. A thorough cleaning of the tested surface from all kinds of impurities (such as rust or grease) is required before the examination. Even the thinnest layer of paint makes the test impossible. It is possible to test the tightness of a specimen using the dye penetrant inspection method. During the examination we always use agents from renowned producers, also in tests performed in temperatures below 0OC.

We perform non-destructive testing in cooperation with Navitest Sp. z o.o.

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