próba rozciągania

The static tensile test is the basic and most frequently performed test of the strength of materials. The test consists in stretching a standardized specimen in opposite directions until it breaks.

We define such properties as:

  • percentage reduction of the cross-section Z [%]
  • percentage after breaking A [%]
  • percentage elongation at maximum force Agt [%]
  • maximum force Fm [N]
  • tensile strength Rm [MPa]
  • yield stress Re [MPa]
  • proof stress Rp [MPa]

Tensile test is performed in compliance with:

  • PN-EN ISO 6892-1
  • PN-EN ISO 6892-2
  • PN-EN ISO 5178
  • PN-EN ISO 4136
  • PN-EN 10164
  • PN-EN ISO 9018

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