badania ultradźwiękowe UT

The ultrasonic testing method (UT) is mostly used to detect inconsistencies within metal welded joints, steel castings, molds from ductile cast iron, forgings, plastically altered goods such as: metal sheets, rods, I-beams. It is a very good method to detect flat defects such as cracks, delaminations, lack of penetration or lack of fusion.

Ultrasonic testing is one of the most commonly used testing methods in floating and grounded structures construction industry and in testing machine parts. This is caused by its relatively low price and quick results in comparison to x-ray testing. The client receives the results immediately after the control.

We use only the equipment provided by the best European and American producers for ultrasonic testing.

Apart from the basic ultrasonic tests performed by echo technique we use the ever more popular ultrasonic techniques of Phased Array and TOFD.

We perform non-destructive testing in cooperation with Navitest Sp. z o.o.

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